The Humans Behind This Blog

About Me

Food focused, quasi-nerd, who loves a good debate. One of those extroverted, introverts that people on the internet love to write articles about.  

Learned how to cook so I could entrap friends by luring them to dinner parties. Kept cooking, in part, because the aforementioned entrapment plan seemed to be working, and, in part, because it turns out I love to cook.

I’m constantly searching for the facts, in a world full of “fake news.” If you’re like me, you might be growing tired of the endless parade of “food experts” who don’t do their research (they take bomb instagram pics though). After scrolling through an endless feed of seemingly ill-informed advice, I decided I wanted to take the time to look at the evidence myself, and share my findings.

Just a disclaimer, despite an interest in health and nutrition, I still eat like Mac sauce is a recommended food group. I’m working on it though.